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Simple Membership System using PHP and AJAX is vulnerable to remote SQL-Injection-Bypass-Authentication/XSS-Stored PWNED.

Скорошни публикации

South Gate Inn Online Reservation System © South Gate Inn is vulnerable to remote SQL-Injection-Bypass-Authentication for the admin account and XSS-Stored PWNED

AHSS-PHP (by: oretnom23 ) v1.0 is vulnerable in the application /scheduler/classes/Login.php to remote SQL-Injection-Bypass-Authentication + XSS-Stored Hijacking PHPSESSID

PHP CRUD (by: oretnom23 ) is vulnerable to XSS Stored Attack and remote SQL-Injection special characters no prepared statements

POMS-PHP (by: oretnom23 ) v1.0 is vulnerable to remote SQL-Injection-Bypass-Authentication

SURMS - PHP (by: oretnom23 ) v1.0 SQL-Injection-Bypass-Authentication and XSS PWNED PHPSESSID Hijacking

CVE-nu11-07-eLearning V2(by: oretnom23) is vulnerable from remote SQL-Injection-Bypass-Authentication in three accounts