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сряда, 20 декември 2017 г.

Set Up an L2TP_IPsec VPN Server on Debian

Thanks for that you thank me for the work I do, for all of you which are ungrateful and calling yourself hackers or IT specialists. You should be glad that someone shares their work. And his researchings just like that for free, just say thanks, this is not so hard, that's all.

понеделник, 20 ноември 2017 г.

Install_Firefox58_on _Kali-Linux-2017

 1. cd Desktop/  
 2. wget  
 3. tar -xvf firefox-58.0b4.tar.bz2  
 4. mv firefox /opt/  
 5. apt install alacarte  
 Use "main menu" to setup firefox location for start  
 NOTE: Warning, save your all sessions and bookmarks before installation!  
 Have fun =)