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Understand IPTables

Setup Cluster

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MX record

MX Records Overview An MX (mail exchange) record is an entry in your DNS zone file which specifies a mail server to handle a domain's email. You must configure an MX record to receive email to your domain. If you are using Kerio Connect as an internal email system, with no communication outside of your domain, it's not necessary to configure an MX record for your domain. You may configure any domain in Kerio Connect, as it does not perform any DNS validation of its local domain names. Setting Up an MX Record 1. To relay email outside of your locally configured domains, ensure that the underlying operating system properly resolves domain names. This means that a valid domain name server must be configured in the TCP/IP settings of the host operating system. 2. Configure the MX record on the authoritative name server for your domain: In most cases, the authoritative name server is the DNS servers managed by your domain registrar – for exampl


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Modern Perl Training - Modern Perl Best... by nu11secur1ty


O'Reilly - Managing Ip Networks With Cisco Routers


IP Routing

Network Warrior, 2nd Edition

Install and Upgrading MySQL with the MySQL Yum Repository

TCP/IP Network engineering

Install and Configure OpenLDAP on CentOS / RHEL Linux

LDAP stands for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. LDAP is a solution to access centrally stored information over network. This centrally stored information is organized in a directory that follows X.500 standard. The information is stored and organized in a hierarchical manner and the advantage of this approach is that the information can be grouped into containers and clients can access these containers whenever needed. The OpenLDAP hierarchy is almost similar to the DNS hierarchy. The following are the two most commonly used objects in OpenLDAP: 1. cn (common name) – This refers to the leaf entries, which are end objects (for example: users and groups) 2. dc (domain component) – This refers to one of the container entries in the LDAP hierarchy. If in a setup the LDAP hierarchy is mapped to a DNS hierarchy, typically all DNS domains are referred to as DC objects. For example, if there is user in the hierarchy sam.thegeekstuff.com, the fully distinguis


Learning_Java_Patrick_Niemeyer_Daniel_Leuck Java Swing

Install and Configure DNS Server in Linux

Domain Name Service (DNS) is an internet service that maps IP addresses to fully qualified domain names (FQDN) and vice versa. BIND stands for Berkley Internet Naming Daemon. BIND is the most common program used for maintaining a name server on Linux. In this tutorial, we will explain how to install and configure a DNS server. If you are new to DNS, you should first understand the fundamentals of DNS and how it works. 1. Network Information In this tutorial, we are going to setup a local DNS server for the network shown in the below diagram. We’ll use “thegeekstuff.net” domain as an example for this DNS installation. “mail”, “web”, “ns” are the hosts that resides within this domain. It is possible to configure a single system to act as a caching name server, primary/master and secondary/slave. We will configure this DNS as a Primay/Master as well as Caching DNS server. We’ll be installing DNS server on “”. 2. Install Bind Install the bind9 package using

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Местоположение: За повече информация, за това как да се защитите, и какво трябва да предприемете като мерки, пишете в формата за контакти посочена в десният ъгъл под архивът на страницата! Относно договори за консултации, и защита на фирмени данни - лични, софтуерни и архитектурни решения, моля пишете в посочената форма за контакти! Благодаря и поздрави.

Media - USB/CD/DVD drop attack

Dropping a malicious USB key in parking is an effective attack vector, as demonstrated by my recent large-scale. After researching and discussing with colleagues the pros and cons of the three types of malicious USB keys, this post will walk you through how to create exploit Powershell and take a full access to the victim computer, like this one who I show you "USB drop attack". You must be in the IP range of the victim, to accomplish this attack! Or you have to use your real IP address for a report from the victim when "he" or "she" are connected to their own computer. But this is dangerous and trackable if you use integrated network device! The goal of the payload is to create a reverse TCP shell that connects back to a server chosen by the attacker. For 100% successful attack you have to use a CD or DVD for this, because the antivirus of the victim can delete your payload from your USB stick in the

How to Setup Linux VPN Server and Client using OpenVPN for "RHEL" & "Debian"

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A Virtual Private Network enables a computer to send and receive data from one private network to another private network which are connected via public network (Internet). This is helpful for those who are outside the company’s intranet, and like to connect to office network securely to access the internal servers. VPN is also helpful when you are connecting multiple branch offices together. Even when you are not connecting multiple branch offices together, you can still use VPN setup to allow your employees to connect remotely from their laptop to the datacenter and access the systems. Sometimes company will buy leased lines to form WAN ( Wide Area Network ), and communicates with its branches. Though Leased line is secure and reliable, it is expensive. VPN fills the gap by providing a point-to-point virtual connection via public network. A VPN can grow to accommodate more users across different geographical locations easily.

pWnOS 2.0