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Показват се публикации от октомври, 2022


Beauty-salon-2022 - Web Shell-File Upload - RCE-CVE-2022-43060

Online-shopping-system-advanced-1.0 multiple SQLi

NVE - nu11secur1ty vulnerability exposure

Welcome in NVE

Another stupidity from oretnom23

WARNING! If any ordinary user came across the bullshit of this fake developer = https://lnkd.in/dEfExeE2, please remove this immediately from your environment. Almost all stupid products of this person are SERIOUSLY VULNERABLE!

Canteen-Management-1.0-2022 - SQLi-CVE-2022-43059

Example of Professional Penetration testing by using Burp Suite: Canteen-Management-1.0-2022 - XSS-Reflected