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websiteblocker stop facebook_parental control

NOTE! This script is for windows =). THIS TOOL IS ONLY AND SPECIAL FOR PARENTS =) You can stop any website if you want. You just have to write right source servers of this site into a program. When start the program as administrator! You just follow the instruction! websiteblocker stop facebook parental control Download video Download script


Offensive Security Introduces Kali Linux Free All-in-One Solution for Professional Security Auditing Popular BackTrack Linux Evolves Into Mature, Enterprise-Ready Penetration Testing Toolkit. Black Hat Europe, Amsterdam – March 13 – Offensive Security today announced the availability of Kali Linux , the evolution of its popular BackTrack Linux , a free security auditing operating system and toolkit. Showcased at Black Hat Europe in Amsterdam, Kali Linux incorporates more than 300 penetration testing and security auditing programs with a Linux operating system, delivering an all-in-one solution that enables IT administrators and security professionals to test the effectiveness of risk mitigation strategies. “For IT professionals, an experiment is worth a thousand theories. Applied to security, it means that simulating attacks to assess the defenses protecting your organization is the only sure way to understand their effectiveness and the impact of an attack,” said Mati Aharo

Offensive-security-wireless-attacks & Attack WPS WiFi protected WPA WPA2_script

WARNING! THIS IS A COMPUTER CRIME This is a brute force attack against an access point’s WiFi Protected Setup pin number. Once the WPS pin is found, the WPA PSK can be recovered and alternately the AP’s wireless settings can be reconfigured. Reaver-WPS targets the external registrar functionality mandated by the WiFi Protected Setup specification. Access points will provide authenticated registrars with their current wireless configuration (including the WPA PSK), and also accept a new configuration from the registrar. In order to authenticate as a registrar, the registrar must prove its knowledge of the AP’s 8-digit pin number. Registrars may authenticate themselves to an AP at any time without any user interaction. Because the WPS protocol is conducted over EAP, the registrar need only be associated with the AP and does not need any prior knowledge of the wireless encryption or configuration. Reaver-WPS performs a brute force atta

install BT4 VirtualBox