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SSL Stripping & Sniffing HTTPS LOGIN internet explorer 11 windows 8.1 sucks (SSLStrip)

WARNING: THIS IS COMPUTER CRIME, DO NOT DO THIS! THIS IS ONLY FOR EDUCATION. Method Performing a ‘Man In The Middle’ attack therefore all the traffic flows through the attacker. Picks out HTTP traffic from port 80 and then packet redirection / forwarding onto a different port. SSLStrip is then listening on that port and removes the SSL connection before passing it back to the user, ettercap then picks out the username & password. Stripping SSL & Sniffing HTTPS_internet... by nu11secur1ty WARNING: DO NOT USE INTERNET EXPLORER! Need to install: SSLSrip arpspoof (DSniff) Ettercap Using tools: netdiscover arpspoof (DSniff) ettercap sslstrip

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WPA WPA2 aircrack bruteforce using dictionary

Why should use WPA/WPA2 encryption?!!! In order to protect your data from snooping or prying eyes, you should encrypt, or scramble, it so that nobody else can read it. Most recent wireless equipment comes with both WEP (wired equivalent privacy) and WPA (wifi protected access) encryption schemes that you can enable. WEP was the encryption scheme included with the first generation of wireless networking equipment. It was found to contain some serious flaws which make it relatively easy to crack, or break into, so it is not the best form of security for your wireless network. WPA was later rolled out to provide significantly stronger wireless data encryption than WEP. But, in order to use WPA, all of the devices communicating on the network need to be configured for WPA. If any of the devices in the chain of communication are configured for WEP, the WPA devices will typically fall back to the lesser encryption so that all of the devices can still communicate. Refer to the owner's