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wifi_tick_2.0 - code name "jackanapes" for Kali Linux 2.0

wifi_tick_2.0 - code name "jackanapes" by nu11secur1ty IMPORTANT: Use outside antenna! Remember, You have to check for update every week! You can do this with option [5] in the menu of the program! ATTENTION: I am not responsible, if you use this program for malicious purpose!!! This program is only for EDUCATION!!! !

Install conky - monitoring mode program, and auto start on kali linux 2.0

Install conky - monitoring mode program, and... by nu11secur1ty Install command: ~# curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nu11secur1ty/conky/master/conky.sh | bash Check for update on github For Kali Linux, Rolling Edition Released – 2016.1


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Last stable Linux kernel 4.1.1 - tested on CentOs 6