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CURL-RCE-Windows-11 * -PWNED-0Day

WARNING! If you have installed Python or other powerful programming languages on your Windows machine, and you don't know what are using, please remove them all immediately! #Description: NOTE: The vulnerable versions are Windows 10 - the latest update which uses a Curl protocol and also 11 all builds! There is no restriction on executions for the usual user. There is no security for the home environment of the usual user. No warnings Direct execution from cmd by user interaction. Nothing! The attacker can trick easily some victims to execute his command by using a good lure, then the attacker can get full control of the PC, even more, worst than ever. If an attacker receives a click from an admin account he will get access to all other accounts on the victim's machine, also if the victim corresponds with some of the accounts on his machine, the a

CVE-2023-23398 - Microsoft Excel Spoofing Vulnerability

CVE-2023-23396 - Microsoft Excel Denial of Service - Code Name: Butterfly-Effect

Yoga-Class-Registration -1.0-2023 - Multiple-SQLi

Employee Performance Evaluation System-1.0 - File Inclusion - RCE


WARNING!!! EVERY ACTION AGAINST SOMEONE PC'S WILL BE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY! Tested on Windows 11 Pro, Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2302 Build 16.0.16130.20186) 64-bit!

Windows 11 Home LPE-LCE-Trojan-malicious.exe(vlc)

This is an example of a simple lure, if I want to play I will catch even an Admins on this trap ;)🤫 😛 😎

CrafterCMS-4.0.0 - 4.x.x - CORS Vulnerability

Purchase Order Management-1.0 - XSS-Reflected - Information-gathering

Purchase-Order-Management-1.0 - SQLi

Purchase Order Management-1.0 - File Inclusion Vulnerabilities - Unprivilage user interaction - RCE

Windows 11 Home LPE-LCE-Trojan-malicious.jpg