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Postfix Dovecot PHP7 fake email spam spoof Kali Linux 2019.4

libitu HTTP Sniff Module for Kali Linux 2020.x-Python 3.7.6

maachujdo-HTTP login sniff modulr_for_Kali-Linux_2019.4-2020.x using Python 3.7.5 ,6

HTTPS-hijack login credentials demo W10


IMPORTANT NEWS because they don't want to tell you!



The journey begins: Preparing for Offensive Security

sudo shit

insmod_block Linux Security module by nu11secur1ty for Linux Kernel 5.x.x * Alpha

This is a "insmod" blocking tool module for Linux Kernel, protecting the user from the loading of malicious code in Linux Kernel - rootkits! Example of rootkit attack ATTENTION: The Module, which will be available for a couple of months!

insmod_block module by nu11secur1ty * Beta

removes "OneDrive" cloud backup tool of Microsoft Win 10 64 bit

BlueKeep installing of module & automation


Squid proxy server demo on OpenSUSE Leap 42.3

Installation of Jenkins on Kali Linux and Ubuntu

Install Ansible OpenSuse Leep15.1 managing web server OpenSuse Leep15.1

Installing Virtual FMC on vCenter ASA FirePower FireSight v-5.4.0 Basic Configuration

user: admin password: Sourcefire link: # your IP which you must set up in! 4shared Terms of Service Last Revised: May 20, 2018 https://www.4shared.com/terms.jsp

Upgrade opensuse 42.3 to 15.0 + bonus ;)

5 Best Practices for Web Application Security

Shimazu met@rpet@r auto exploit


wetpusseysql & iyukanasamurai


Storage Engines in MySQL and the difference between them