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вторник, 30 септември 2014 г.

Cisco Layer 3 Switch MAC Flood Attack[protect]& Cisco routers AAA bypass [arp poison] - old archive - 2011

Cisco Layer 3 Switch MAC Flood Attack[protect]& Cisco routers AAA bypass [arp poison]

fakeAP pwn - old archive - 2013

web test security - old archive - 2011

web test security
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What is WEP WIFI encryption

WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) was the default encryption protocol introduced in the first IEEE 802.11 standard back in 1999. It is based on the RC4 encryption algorithm, with a secret key of 40 bits or 104 bits being combined with a 24-bit Initialisation Vector (IV) to encrypt the plaintext message M and its checksum – the ICV (Integrity Check Value). The encrypted message C was therefore determined using the following formula: C = [ M || ICV(M) ] + [ RC4(K || IV) ]

Why should not use WEP encryption?!!!

Mathematicians showed as long ago as 2001 that the RC4 key scheduling algorithm underlying the WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) protocol was flawed, but attacks on it required the interception of around 4 million packets of data in order to calculate the full WEP security key. Further flaws found in the algorithm have brought the time taken to find the key down to a matter of minutes -- not necessarily fast enough to break into systems!

IMPORTANT for people who cannot use WPA/WPA2 encryption!!

1.Change your SSID-name of your WIFI network!
2.Enable mac-BSSID filter if you have this option on your router!
3 Disable wireless ssid broadcast!

(This example is made with a router "_user's_manual_dd-wrt", who have WPA/WPA2 and WEP encryption!!)

broatcast ESSID ATTENTION:This is not a 100% protection!!! Only may slow attack but not protect you!!!

4.Throw up your old router and buy new, who supporting wpa /wpa2 encryption!!! :)
5.Sorry but I must tell you this things ;

Good luck and next time we will talk about WPA/WPA2 PSK,TKIP and AES encryption!


websploit poison&spoofing browser - old archive - 2011

websploit poison&spoofing browser

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blocking hosts