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четвъртък, 29 януари 2015 г.

Useful 8 digit-capacity_generator

Useful 8 digit-capacity_generator by nu11secur1ty
WARNING:Edit this part # (10000000 .. 20000000); if you know what is going on, but if you don't know do not touch anything =)

Dear visitors. You can use this program for any brute force attack with eight digit number-for testing of course. After edit the code you can use nine or ten digit number, but just be careful. =) IMPORTANT: When you use larger range of number, and edit the script, you have to use POWERFUL machine! And of course you can use for something useful this is RECOMMENDED!

Need to install "git" if you don't have it!
# apt-get install git
Type this command git clone in to your terminal, in to directory whatever you want. Then hit enter and you're ready to use the program, from this directory.

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