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сряда, 6 януари 2016 г.



Extending Net-SNMP with

The NetSNMP::agent Perl module provides an agent object which is used to handle requests for a part of the agent's OID tree. The agent object's constructor has options for running the agent as a sub-agent of snmpd or a standalone agent. No arguments are necessary to create an embedded agent:

1:  use NetSNMP::agent (':all');  
2:  my $agent = new NetSNMP::agent();  

The agent object has a register method which is used to register a callback function with a particular OID . The registerfunction takes a name, OID , and pointer to the callback function. The following example will register a callback function named hello_handler with the SNMP Agent which will handle requests under the OID . 1. 3. 6 . 1. 4 . 1. 8072. 9999 . 9999:

1:  $agent->register("hello_tester", ".",  
2:  \& hello_handler);  


The OID . 1. 3. 6 . 1. 4 . 1. 8072. 9999.9999 (NET -SNMP -MIB: : netSnmpPlaypen) is typically used for demonstration purposes only. If your organization does not already have a root OID , you can obtain one by contacting an ISO Name Registration Authority (ANSI in the United States).

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